• Provision of exceptional IELTS/OET tuition.

  • Provision of a comprehensive study pack for persons who cannot join us at the tuition center.

  • Provision of online tuition for interested persons.


   Not only are our services limited to the provision of tuition, we have formed strategic partnerships

   with institutions and organizations to enable us assist;

   1. Nurses, Midwives, Doctors and many others to work in the UK, Australia, Ireland, Canada and USA.

   2. Students to study in the UK, USA, Australia, Canada, Ireland.

   3. Students to study on full scholarship in the USA.

   4. Individuals with at least a degree, relatively younger and have about 3 years work experience to migrate       to Canada with a permanent resident Visa.

    Our Tuition:

    *Convenient Meeting Times

    *Expert Trainers

   *Excellent Track Record

    * Student Centeredness

    * Refund Policy 

   Tuition Hours:

   Morning Session (10am-1pm) ;

   Late Afternoon Session (4pm-7pm) ;

   Weekend Class (10am-1pm)